We Call It Kunst


Recent Steel

Gnosis • mild steel and stained poplar • approx 9" x 24" • december 2013

Point of Entry • mild steel • approx 7" x 9" • october 2013

Altocumulus Erectus

Westchester Cloud Garden (maquette) • model of what would be a massive piece where each level is several hundred square feet, covered in grass where people can lounge; the levels rotate about the poles.

from the steel flower series, a gift for jackie’s mom

Two to Tango • loosely references an earlier piece called The Phylogeny of Fire

Triskaidekafolia • 13 strips welded at the base were then each bent in variation

I finally have a place to weld again. Here are the first few things to spring forth.

Up Next:

One Less Dimension